Cataleya Wind Quintet

Cataleya Wind Quintet

"Peter and Veronica have nailed down how to be wonderful hosts for musicians.  They understand that their villa allows for creativity to spark, for music to be made and their sole purpose is to enable that to happen."

"If you have not tried it before we can assure you that there is nothing better to celebrate a well-done concert than spending the late hours of the night having a pre-bed splash in a warm pool."

"Let's be honest: the place was beautiful, the environment calm and soothing the practice sessions truly enjoyable.  But nothing can really beat the food we ate and the incredible wines we drank during our stay."

Cataleya Wind Quintet

"Having the opportunity to rehearse in such detail and focus solely on our music has been immensely valuable (and we haven't even mentioned the food yet!)"

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to grow not only as musicians but as people together in your wonderful home!"

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make music together - and in such stunning surroundings!"

"We have had a brilliant time and have really appreciated the opportunity to work in a stress-free and very relaxing environment."

"Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to work with such amazing and talented coaches, pianists and singers."

"This week was a jewel: the luxury to play and think and taste and think some more... And if in doubt have some more wine!"

"Brel is magical.  I cannot imagine a more perfect place to learn and grow and make music."

"Thank you for the wonderful week we've had at your beautiful house, doing the best practice of our lives."